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TitleBlock  v.1.0

TitleBlock is a program that allows you to set attributes of 'titleblock' blocks and to insert them easily without having to enter already known information.

ScimoreDB Distributed Server

The ScimoreDB Parallel Server is a low cost shared-nothing clustered database system . The Database server have been designed to take advantage of parallelization over multiple servers, achieving a near linear scalability for OLAP applications. Supporting


FlashMNT  v.3 1

FlashMNT is a program that allows the creation of a Digital Terrain Model and 3D computations, comprising the following functions: data verification, triangulation, 3D area computation, cut/fill quantities between 2 DTM's, cross section, meshing, ent

Invisible  v.1.0

This is an add-on that allows to change entities visibility. You can show/hide objects without having to modify the state of the layers to which they belong.

Land F/X Server  v.7 10

From Concept to Production Documents, one of the keys to advancing to the next level of our profession lies within the efficiency of documentation.

FlashPoints  v.1 1

FlashPoints is a tool for creating and managing points Groups (topographic points for example).

PlineTools  v.1 1

PLineTools is a set of more than 40 tools allowing easy edition, modification and creation of 2D or 3D polylines.

FlashTalus  v.2 2

FlashTalus allows to create associative embankments which automatically update when one of the elements of the embankment (top-line or bottom-lines) is modified, in the manner of associative hatches.

DeliView  v.3 1

DeliView is a Dwg file viewer and preview extractor. The program allows you to extract the preview from a file and to save it as a picture file in Jpg format.

Easytext  v.3 6

EasyText allows to easily place words or sentences from dictionary files, avoiding you to type repetitive text. Various options let you control the placement and the appearance of the text (aligned along entities, boxed…).

ActiveLine  v.1.0

ActiveLine lets you create polylines whose dimensions (area and perimetric dimensions) are reactive. Thoses polylines react automatically to AutoCAD commands and update themselves as soon as the polyline is modified.

Wings Library Demo  v.1.0

The Wing and Thumb Library dialog box allows you to easily add industry standard wing nut, wing screw or thumb screw to your Drawing.

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